Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas for Pre & Post wedding Photoshoot in Kerala

The wedding bells ring inside the heart of the bride and groom well before the real function. They will be brainstorming novel photography ideas and checking out lavish locations in kerala for their pre-wedding photoshoots.   But, you don’t have to search for outlandish locales to bring out the best photos. Your own courtyard or garden can be transformed into an enthralling space.

Sit down, discuss with each other, and consult with your professional photographer to come up with breathtakingly beautiful concepts. We are sure that it will be fresh and no other couple might have tried it ever. The wedding decoration ideas for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Kerala, we discuss here, are for general understanding purposes. You can customize the location and the themes according to your imagination.

Reach out to us if you want to enhance the look with a professional and creative touch. Thereby, making your pre-wedding photoshoot and the moments timeless.

Learn simple decoration ideas you can apply on your wedding day

Candle-light Arrangement

Set up the candlelight and complement chairs or sofas and tables. Brighten up the entire space around you with the natural light from the candles. It will add to the aura of the space and the photos will have a grandeur appeal. Assistance from a creatively talented wedding photographer is vital for making this arrangement stunning. Place the candles at catchy spots to have an exalted feel to the entire photoshoot. Reach out to us to have an elaborate idea about it.

The Teepee Look

Why don’t you try out camping feel to the pre-wedding photos?

Explore the localities near you to put up a teepee and associated arrangement. Give the photos a distinctive look as if you two were out into the wild on an adventurous trail.  The photos will be a smash hit since they haven’t been tried by many. Alternatively, you can try it in your garden too. However, the arrangements and other properties must be decided according to the theme. The elements added should not appear different from the entire set up.

 Float Around on a Boat

Use a boat if you are located near a water body (great if you stay near the enchanting backwaters!).  The boat could be a perfect companion for making the photos outstanding. The amalgamation of water, earth, and the sky will elevate the feel. Consult our professional wedding photographers in case you want additional ideas or new concepts by using a local boat. Be one with nature with this pre-wedding photoshoot in Kerala.


Into the Wilderness

You may not have to be into the wilderness literally. Your wedding photographer can comply with requisite arrangements and make it appear so. A jungle-type feel to the photos will have an enigmatic appeal. That will remain imprinted in your soul for the entire lifetime. The beauty of the green merged with the grey surrounding and adequately complementing dresses will be awe-inspiring.

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Natural Teepee

Ask the professionals to get you a teepee made of natural items like wood and leaves. Maybe they can use bamboo rods for raising the teepee. Choose printed dresses according to the feel of the surrounding. Strike excellent poses with the teepee in the background. The natural elements will provide a magnificent look to the photos.

Car can be a Character

Decorate your car with lights and colourful objects. Let it be a part of your pre-wedding photoshoots. After all, the vehicle will be your companion on the trips after the marriage. Introduce your spouse to the vehicle in an enchanting way. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best photoshoot ideas. 

The Tail End

An experienced and skilled wedding photographer is all that you need to make your pre-wedding photos eternal. They can give you advice regarding the best photographic experiments that meet your expectations. No need to worry much if you have assigned the task of the pre-wedding photoshoot to a professional agency like us.

We can assure you of attractive wedding decoration ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Kerala. Discuss your views, budget, and expectations with our professional wedding photographer. He or she will guide you accordingly and help you choose the best photoshoot idea.

To discuss your pre-wedding photoshoot in Kerala, contact us now.