Cool and Fun Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Steady, smile, and click had been the photography of yesteryears. Technological advancements and changes in people’s psyches have shifted wedding photography into unexpected terrains. Couples nowadays try-out different, at times wild, poses and opt to explore unheard-of locations. Of course, the adventurous attempts have also raised eyebrows. As those surpassed the moral bounds stated by society. 

Moral policing hasn’t been successful in deterring the bold and firm young generation. Giving a deaf ear to the naysayers, they continue trying wedding photographic experiments that will remain etched in their hearts forever. Wedding photographers must have enough creative concepts and ideas to help the couple to choose their favourite theme. This could be for pre-wedding photoshoot ideas or wedding photoshoot ideas for couples. 

The top 10 fun wedding photoshoot ideas elaborated here could be used for embellishing the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding albums. Above that, you can use these ideas to derive more images of a similar nature.

Foodie Stuff

Who doesn’t like food after all? Let’s begin the photoshoot with food. Focus on the garnished and colourful food items, with the couple behind. You can ask the couple to throw a craving at the mouth-watering foodstuff. This has been one of the fun wedding photoshoot ideas.

Love Your Pets

Puppies and cats can add a different appeal to the photos. The way to use them will depend on the creativity of the photographer and how tamed your pets are. If the puppy or kitten obeys to your directives, you can design a photoshoot around them. Make them the centre of attraction and see for yourself how the photoshoot unfolds to something great and funny.

Capture the Details

You have to be an observant professional photograph to get it done correctly. Capturing the detail will include a glance by the bride to the groom, a peek-a-boo vice versa, capturing the subtle similarities in dressing pattern, some exclusive markings in the venue, and so on.


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Candid Images 

Some actions or movements by friends, bridesmaids, or relatives. Their facial gestures on seeing something, like arrival or groom or some other thing, etc. will be entertaining to watch. Such images are more attractive than what we click on after arranging them and making them pose.


Make Use of Props

Props can include gaming items, accessories related to your profession or other similar objects. We all have a child slumbering inside us. It will be rewarding when we wake them up to rejoice the moments. The beauty of those moments will fill in your heart and will turn nostalgic. Use a football, tennis racket, carrom board or such gaming accessories as part of the photo. This could also be used as a pre wedding photoshoot idea.

Give a Vintage Look

Using vintage equipment and having classic attire could be another way to make it funny. Photos with a vintage feel have been one of the common things in fun wedding photoshoot ideas. Therefore, you may add some unique flavours and colour combinations to make it different from others.

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A Sense of Motion

Petals showering from the sky, walking down the aisle when the breeze caresses the bride’s veil, the diamonds of (artificial) rain showers around you can be funny, as well as, mesmerizing. Those images will generate a fresh feel and will remain appealing even after several decades. The effect of natural elements in the photo will amplify the beauty of the images.

Bollywood Style

Using movie theme images can be one of the pre wedding photoshoot ideas. Even though the title says Bollywood style, it doesn’t have to be so. You can choose themes from regional movies too. It will be ideal if the movie chosen is a romantic one, which has been an industry hit. The photographer has to have the technical capability and idea to use apt colour combinations.

Tell a Story

Why not craft a story around the couple? We are discussing funny wedding photoshoot ideas for couples, right? Let us make them the characters and narrate a story through images. A creative person may be required if the photographer is unable to come up with an idea. The creator can discuss the story idea with the couple, including their suggestion and make the album.

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Make Your Home the Best Location

Get an interior designer if you want to decorate the rooms or design it into a new style. Avoid fake sets and artificial elements. Use everything natural, including your emotions. The couple must be free enough to dive into the feelings. The photographer only has to remain a silent spectator and capture the beautiful moments through his camera. It will be a different, real, and lifelong gem.

The Tailpiece

The top 10 fun wedding photoshoot ideas we discussed here could be customized according to you to get the best result. An experienced successful wedding photographer and advanced equipment will be vital to make the images appear as real as they are. 

Greenhat wedding photography has been successfully implementing different styles of wedding, save the date and post wedding photographic shoots successfully. We create unique ideas for each of the clients, which will not be repeated for any other couple. Thus ensuring novelty in each of our photoshoots. 

You may discuss with us your photoshoot requirements. We will give concepts, from which you can choose the best one for you. We assure you that the images we capture will remain memorabilia for your entire lifetime.