Surprising Beach Wedding Ideas for Couples: Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

So, you are planning to get hitched for life under the coastal sun, on a delightful sunny beach lined with palms reaching up in the blue skies and swaying in the breeze?

Well, first of all, congratulations and hope your day is as amazing and fantastic as you imagined it to be!

Now, let us get down to the basics of having an exceptional and unique beach wedding. Here, we are going to share some amazing ideas for couples that plan to get wed on a beach and have a more than awesome wedding portfolio. So, if you are one of them, take a thorough read of the various things you can try for getting your wedding pictures clicked when you are exactly between the land and the sea!

Wedding portfolio with a distinct nautical element

When you are trotting on the white beach sands, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of getting some beach-inspired photos clicked. So, take out some time from the rituals and get some shots clicked in the vicinity of the natural beach landscape. Make sure you consult a reputed wedding photographer that can help you get some beach-inspired photos clicked.

Further, you can also plan to have an after-party once you have completed the wedding rituals, where everyone is chilling in relaxed casuals and actually enjoying the day on the beach. This way, you can click some relaxed and candid photos in your wedding album as well, without having to be anxious about damaging or dirtying your pricey wedding dresses.

Minimal yet, attractive decorative elements

One of the best things about getting married under the open sky is that you don’t have to worry about the decorations and covering the entire space. You can simply hang some spotlight decorations around a small sitting area, or plan a sitting around your mandap. As far as the mandap is concerned, you can have a simple yet striking mandap decor with rustic wooden furnishing and simple yet, sophisticated sitting options. One way you can make it simple on the other hand adding more stage decoration ideas if you like luxury.

Have a unique wedding menu; after all, you are on a beach!

When you are having a beach wedding, you have to have some regional cuisine and some light ones as well. Coastal air is humid and eating too heavy dishes only makes you feel nauseated or bloated. So, we recommend keeping some unique things on your menus, such as coconut water, light seafood dishes, coastal dishes and lots of fresh fruits and salads etc.

However, we understand that every family has its own preferences for food and wedding menu and your choices must accommodate the likings of your guests as well.

Floral decorations and open sitting for a typical coastal backdrop

The coastal regions of India are famous for their rustic wooden furniture and fragrant flora. Include both these elements in your wedding and let your guests enjoy an unobstructed view of your wedding as well as the blue waters lapping the land. If you are planning a daytime wedding, we recommend opting for flowers in muted colours, and if you are planning to have a nighttime wedding, then opt for flowers in warm shades, such as orchids and roses etc. such floral arrangements helps enhancing wedding photographers creativity to make cool and fun wedding photoshoot ideas for couples. Hopeful that would be really visually appealing for our eyes.

Consider some unique wedding dress colours

Most of the brides opt for the classic reds, pinks, fuchsias and white if they are Christian when it comes to their wedding dresses. However, when you are planning a beach wedding, you can get experimental with your dress colours as you will be under the natural light of the sun if the rituals are during the daytime. All the colours will look as radiant and brilliant as they should be. If you are planning an evening wedding, we recommend opting for some pastel coloured dresses.

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Consider natural views as well

While you are planning to get wed under the sun on a lovely beach, we recommend having a setting where your guests view you sitting against the most impressive natural background of the terrain. You can also plan to arrange seats in clusters so that everyone has a direct and clear view.

A perfect mix of light and shade

Beaches are lovely, but the sun can get very hot and your guests might get uncomfortable. So, you must have a proper seating arrangement with shady areas as well. This way, the people that are not fond of the sun can sit in the shade and actually enjoy being there on your big day instead of simply bearing with it.

Cake with beach elements

These days, a wedding cake has become customary and while you are getting wed on a beach, we recommend having a cake that reflects the same. Have some edible fondant or chocolate shells, and coarse sand-like textured cake that looks perfectly in-sync with the ambience.

Shoes stand for having some fun on the beach

We agree that none of the ladies wishes to stay without their heels when it comes to a wedding. However, everyone will agree that beach and heels are the worst enemies ever!

So, after the rituals, when everyone is at ease and chilling out, let them be at the best of their ease, by having a shoe stand with shoe valet where they can keep their shoes and let their toes mingle with the beach sands.

This completes our list of some of the best things to make the most of your beach wedding. We hope all our readers find it helpful and inspiring.

Now, take the cues, plan an awesome wedding, and don’t forget to share your pictures or experiences with us.