How To Create Beautiful and Modern Wedding Albums?

All of us want to have a stunning wedding album that gives you fresh feels even after years. After all, we get married only once and it is important to record all those fun, loving and emotional moments in the best way possible. However, recently people are experimenting a lot of wedding photography trends in Kerala to make their wedding portfolio as different and as unique as possible. Some go for pre wedding photoshoots such as underwater photography and some go to capture some candid photos in ruins. Some love to dress-up all fancy and capture stills on the sets of famous tourist destinations, while the others get themselves clicked with pristine nature all around.

If you are also looking forward to creating a wonderful and modern wedding album, and some fun wedding photoshoot ideas that can come really handy, then check out the following post. Here, we are sharing some really unique ways to create beautiful and modern wedding albums. So, read on and take some cues to click more than awesome photos for your wedding!

Wedding photos around the wedding saying!

There is a very famous and very old saying that most of us came to know via the famous TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – “Something Old and Something New; Something Borrowed and Something Blue”, a bride needs all of them for a happy married life.

Learn some unique shots to create awesome wedding albums

Parents Closet Shot

Find some really good pieces from your mother’s or even grandmother’s closet, such as sari, jewellery, or even her wedding Lehenga. This will be your something old!. Try to incorporate into your wedding ensemble and click a picture in a pose that your mom or grandmother has. Put them side by side, and believe us you will cherish this shot for decades down the lane. You can also take cues from the wedding of Isha Ambani, where she wore mother’s wedding sari as a dupatta over her shoulder.

Lazing Around Shot

The ‘Something New’ element is very easy to include in your photos. As an Indian bride, you must have tons of things in your bridal trousseau. Why not spread the entire treasure on your bed in a playful and random manner and click some shots while you are lazing around in all these things? Wear some denim shorts and pair them with your Mehendi feet clad in high heels. Put that Maang Tika over your loose hair and don’t forget to wear those very cool goggles in any hot shade!

Click Photos with Fun Poses

Next we have ‘Something Borrowed’ that you can take as a loan from your friends or family members. You can even make it more fun by enacting the scene in which you are flaunting the borrowed item and the actual owner is pointing a big foam finger to it with “ON LOAN” written on it. Click photos with fun poses such as you tightly clutching that ‘Something Borrowed’ and the lender making mean faces at you. You can also get a photo clicked where you are running away with that ‘loan’ and the lender is chasing you with all the might. Such fun and laughable shots make your wedding albums much better than the traditional boring shots.

Blue Theme Shot

Finally, we are at the ‘Something Blue’ element. Wear anything with blue undertones or dress-up your hubby-dear in something blue and take some really cool pictures with him. You can also opt for a blue theme for your bridesmaids and dress them all in blue dresses with you calling them inside your car as your favourite BLUES.

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Desi Shots for Desi Weddings!

No matter wherever we are and whatever we do, when it comes to Indian Shaadis, we are all Desi and some are too hardcore at that. So, why not get some desi shots clicked with you rocking a Ghoonghat with playful poses and your husband flaunting his dark moustache? You can also click some shots doing a bunch of chores while your husband is chilling!

Quotes and Gifts and Important Dates

Make your words, promises and important dates important by taking them in the backdrop of your photos. Scribble some lines for your loved one, or some special facts about your loved one. Now get them loaded on the background of your photos and make them a permanent part of your wedding photos.

How to complete the entire thing with finesse?

If you are planning to take your wedding album to the next level, you must follow the following tips and create stunning albums:

  • Include every important wedding element like a story in the album
  • Create sections in your wedding album and try to incorporate them photos in symmetry
  • Don’t forget to organize the photos such that they look like a story

While most of the wedding albums have ceremony and celebration photos, you can also think of including your after-wedding photos with both of you relaxing and enjoying some calm moments in a lavish suite. Click some candid shots with your hair down, shoes removed and sipping your favourite drink while sitting near a window or on a sofa. For such photos, it is important to have wedding photographers that can think apart from the crowd and deliver expert touches to your wishes.

Such quirky and experimental photos make your wedding album really wonderful and unique.

These days, you can find wedding photography services online with a detailed portfolio and sample wedding albums. You can also upload your wedding photos online and create a wedding album as per your wishes. If you want, you can get your photos clicked from some other photographer, and send them to some expert photographer that can edit them and send them in the form of a wedding album of your choice.

These are some ideas for creating a stunning and modern wedding album. Just like there are no limits on creativity, there are no limits to the ways of creating a beautiful wedding album. We hope all our readers find this information useful and can draw thoughtful takeaways from here to create amazing albums.

Wish you a happy married life!