Top 10 Beautiful Places in Kerala for Wedding Photoshoot

Photos are a tangible version of unforgettable things happening in our life. The images will transport us to that time in our life. And will fill our hearts with nostalgic memories. Marriage is one of the most treasured events in one’s life. People try every possible thing to imbibe the beauty of the moments and etch those into their souls. Consequently, marriage photography has transformed over a period. 

Marriage photography now involves exploring mesmerizing locales and inventing novel ideas to capture the couple distinctively. Let you be in any part of Kerala, it is the same. Wedding photography in Trivandrum, Kochi or Calicut has evolved into a cuter version since the beginning of this decade. As you understand, a panoramic and scenic location can amplify the beauty of the couple. Of course, the imagination of the wedding photographers also plays a pivotal role in capturing the image with all its magnificence. Let’s see the top 10 beautiful places in Kerala for a wedding photoshoot.


Located at the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom, a serene and enticing village in Kottayam has been one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala. Blessed with a splendour of flora and fauna, the place has all the elements to make wedding photography outstanding. The photographer can let loose his/ her imaginations and choose to grab images in a mist-filled morning, golden daytime, or a saffron evening.

An impeccable blend of backwaters, green-hooded bird sanctuary, fluorescent green paddy fields and mystifying mangroves that will allure your heart. You can choose Kumarakom for your wedding photography.


Kochi is an amalgamation of contradictions, though in an appealing way. It wears many hats simultaneously. The busyness of a rapidly growing modern city, the silence and tranquillity of a rich cultural heritage and the sumptuousness of natural life.

You can explore the backwaters of Kochi, or heritage spots at Tripunithura, remnants of foreign invasions at historic spots at Fort Kochi or take some distinctive images at Jew Street. Thus, embellishing your memories with a collection of diverse locales. 


Tea plantations at Munnar have been renowned for the elegant and picturesque locations and cool climatic conditions are the prominent aspects that differentiate Munnar from most of the other places. Seize the unforgettable moments posing in the green sea of the tea estate.

You can also travel to Eravikulam National Park and think of capturing some wild images. Munnar opens unlimited options for the imaginative photographer.


The top attraction in the capital city, Trivandrum, Kovalam will provide you with some of the best sceneries. Kovalom beach has been attracting domestic and international tourists since long. Check out this spot for pre-wedding photography.

Alleppey (Alappuzha) 

Alleppey is another tourist attraction in Kerala, which is one of the leading tourist spots with maximum tourist footfalls every year. Both backwaters and greenery in the district could be chosen for photography. A photographer with a creative sense can bring out the best pictures that will turn a lifetime treasure for you.

Ashtamudi Lake

A journey in a houseboat in Ashtamudi Lake will bestow you with some of the most precious moments, as well as, great sceneries apt for a wedding photoshoot. Well-connected with other places, you can arrive at this location without any difficulty. Consider Ashtamudi for vivid photography that is vivacious with the serenity of the lake and the loveliness of the biodiversity. Of course, Ashtamudi lake is an ideal place if you are a real fan of Kerala wedding photoshoot poses.

Kerala is blessed with natural beauty, therefore, you’ll find several spots offering great looks and elegance appropriate for wedding photography. More than the beauty of the location, the ability, imagination and experience of the photographer matters. He/ she should be able to think out of the box to understand the camera angles, position, and postures that will make the photos excellent.

A cursory glance through our pages will reveal to you the exemplary professionalism exhibited by our photographers. We are constantly monitoring the changes happening in the photography sector across the world. And incorporate those in quick succession to ensure that our clients get the best results. Constant changes are happening in the technology sector as well. Procuring the latest equipment that will assist in obtaining the best result has been our prime aim.

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