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On your wedding day, the knot is not happening just between two individuals but between two families. A wedding day is so special for a reason. There is a long journey to the day with a lot of planning, dreams, hope, and emotions of the people involved. We at Greenhat photography, always try to capture the moments filled with all the emotions. We have professionals who believe and live to make each snap alive and fresh. We do sit with our clients, discuss the plans, understand their preferences and dreams for the special day and all other related things like dress code, timing, pre and post photoshoot, etc. We do wedding photography as packages, but at the same time keep ourselves flexible to incorporate the best possible options to make the memories alive forever. We have our main office at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and are a part of wedding occasions in Trivandrum and other parts of Kerala. Greenhat clicks memories embroidered with emotions and love.

Wedding Photographers in Trivandrum 

 Indian wedding in an ensemble of tradition, color, and music. The days leading to marriage have romance in the air and beaus and belles are fervent on creating their marriage celebrations different. A wedding photographer is an integral part of marriage who captures the soulful moments. The technological advancements have reformed the way images are recorded and reproduced. Every moment appears as if from a magical world with the right blend of technology and imagination.

Trivandrum wedding photography has undergone incredible transformations in the recent past. Earlier, the wedding photographers in Trivandrum were limited to engagement day and a couple of days during the wedding. Nowadays, it begins with engagement and continues as a pre-wedding photoshoot, Save the Date photoshoot, and so on.

Trivandrum, the land of Sri Padmanabha has some of the extremely talented photographers in Kerala. They play wonders with the camera and bring out the most soul-satisfying photos. Greenhat photography is proud to be one of the leading wedding photographers in Trivandrum. Our team with its versatility and innovative ideas has been successful in garnering appreciation.

 Greenhat Photography: Diversities of Wedding  Photographers in Trivandrum

There are varying options regarding the styles of wedding photography. Every couple dreams to have a unique set of photos that stand out in the crowd. Greenhat photography offers custom-tailored photographic styles according to the couple’s choice. Our talented and creative photographer will discuss and present you with the best photoshoot options. He will also help you in choosing the right style that suits you perfectly. And will make your marriage moments eternal.

At Greenhat, you have an array of options to choose from, that is also within your budget. The styles of photography we offer include.

Traditional Photography – This photography is for those who wish to keep everything in traditional style. Traditional photography is more formal and follows the standard photographic angles. The primary focus will be on the couple, followed by their relatives and friends. Traditional photography values people more than the moment.

Candid Photography – Candid photography narrates the story of the marriage through a set of natural images. The photos are captured without formally informing the individuals, hence, has life in it. The moments thus recorded are pure and soulful and could be cherished forever. Candid wedding photographers in Trivandrum never tell fake gestures or poses. At the same time, It delivers you the exact behavior and attitude of a person.

Destination wedding – India is a land of diversity and the most suitable for a destination wedding. The couple can decide on the type of location they want for the dream marriage. Destination photography presents the photographer with more options to give wings to his imagination. You need an expert, imaginative, photographer to give the right output from the beautiful location.

Aerial wedding photography – Aerial photography has turned popular with the arrival of drones. Apart from the areas restricted by the administration, drones could be used for aerial photography by approved photographers. Aerial photos demonstrate wedding images from a high plane. The beauty of the moment is amplified when viewed from the aerial perspective. Aerial photography amalgamates the beauty of nature with the images of the couple perfectly.

Portrait Photography Portrait was considered a cliché style of photography. Nonetheless, the style has turned impressive when imagination played its part. Wedding Photographers around the world have been successful in capturing appealing portraits by adding uniqueness to portrait images. Photo collage of portrait images is one of the common methods photographers around the world follow.

Vintage Style Photography – Vintage style photography is gaining momentum and is turning popular in Kerala. Vintage style photography requires careful and detailed preparation. Since even a minute slip up can affect the authenticity and beauty of the photo. There are not many photographers perfected this art. Greenhat is proud to be an expert in vintage style photography.

As wedding photographers in Trivandrum, we capable of enchanting wedding occasions and rendering the best services as per the industry standard.


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