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10 Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding
Stage Decoration Ideas for Wedding

Weddings are all about delicious food, traditions, glamorous costumes, and beautiful decorations. Indian weddings today feature everything from symbolic centrepieces to beautiful stage decorations to funny photo booths. Wedding stage decoration is a big element of the decor, and properly so because that’s where the couple shoots the majority of their photos. Wedding stage decor …

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Why Is A Pre-Wedding Shoot Important?

Wedding photography has been a common concept for decades. As with the time, there have been modifications, changes and additions in the way the photo shoot is done. Imbibing the colour, joy, and festivity of the marriage celebrations, theme-based photography, destination wedding, etc have become the new normal. We are discussing the importance of a …

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How to Plan your Virtual Wedding?
How to plan your virtual wedding

Covid 19 pandemic has drastically alerted many parts of our lives. Even our traditions and beliefs have changed in many ways. Wedding traditions all over the world have experienced the impact of the pandemic in profound ways. In the Indian community, the concept of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ has moved aside for ‘Weddings from Home’. …

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Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

Weddings don’t have to be extravagant or flashy to be memorable. Many couples nowadays prefer to keep their weddings modest and intimate, inviting just their closest relatives and friends to attend. Intimate weddings, with 75 or fewer attendees, allow for a more personal celebration for all. Here are some benefits of having an intimate wedding: …

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Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography in Kerala

Lighting can play magic in photography. A capable photographer is one who can explore the possibilities of natural and artificial lights. An imaginative mind and creative concepts distinguish an excellent photographer from a normal one. Using dim light, spotlight, natural light, coloured light and shades would determine how the images appear. Ensure to make the …

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Props Used for a Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Props for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots are all the rage now-a-days. Brides and grooms are ready to experiment and put their best foot forward for pre-wedding photoshoots to stand out from the crowd. Destination photoshoots, props, themes and whatnot – a world of thought goes into pre-wedding photo ideas for that one-of-a-kind click. In light of this trend, we …

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Why Do Wedding Photographers Prefer Candid Shots W

Even though photographers love taking every kind of picture, there is some special joy they experience when taking shots. A photographer may choose to capture images in his own studio or for an outside photoshoot where everything is meticulously planned, but there will be times when he prefers to snap candid photos of more authentic …

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Ultimate Checklist for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has become more professional than ever. Wedding day is the big day for the bridegroom and their family. Any slip up from the photographer can lead to harsh consequences. Perhaps, it turns out the wedding photographer’s responsibility is to prepare the plan of action. Indian weddings consist of several customary activities and ceremonies.  …

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Safety Tips to Conduct Pre Wedding Photoshoot S

Indian weddings are ceremonies of grandeur with money spent lavishly. Every parent and every bridegroom would want to make the celebration eventful. That would reflect the social stature of the family.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been an impediment that halted such illustrious extravaganza at least for the time being.   With governmental restrictions to limit the …

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Muslim Wedding Traditions: Moments You Should Not Miss in the Photography
muslim wedding

Islam is the fastest-growing religion across the globe. Muslim wedding traditions are predominantly common at every location. Yet, there could be additions, deletions, and modifications with the amalgamation of local culture and customs. Understanding Muslim wedding tradition is vital before a wedding photography assignment. Here we are elaborating on the Muslim marriage ceremony and commonly …

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