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Best Picturesque Pre-Wedding Shoot Destinations in Kerala
Pre-wedding shoot destinations in Kerala

Pre-wedding shoots are a great way to capture the most cherished memories of your courtship and commemorate them in the form of pictures. Pre-wedding shoot destinations in Kerala, with their mesmerizing coastline, lush green backwaters, and natural beauty, are the perfect destination for your pre-wedding shoot. From romantic houseboat cruises on Vembanad Lake to breathtaking …

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Why is Wedding Photography so Important?
Why is wedding photography so important

A person’s wedding is an important and significant life event. Capturing the memories of those days is an extremely needed affair, and it is the best way through which you can cherish the moments at a future date. Photographs are the best possible choice to relive those precious moments and take you back to the …

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Most Popular Wedding Photography Editing Styles
Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Wedding photography is a highly meticulous industry, and one must incorporate various features that promote attention to detail to serve the final outcome of wedding photographs. The best way to bring in uniqueness is through mastering techniques related to …

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Top 10 Tips for Indoor Wedding Photography
Tips for Indoor Wedding Photography

Adding a “WOW” factor to the wedding photographs is indeed an impending and daunting task for wedding photographers. And when it comes with limited space and no exciting backgrounds, it becomes even more difficult to create unique and stand-out pictures. That is when creating more elegant indoor pictures with available resources becomes the best possible …

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Top Tips for Your Bridal Shoot and Poses
Bridal Shoots

The wedding day is finally here, and your excitement can’t be contained. You’ve planned every detail of the big day, and now it’s time to celebrate with family and friends—all while looking your best! Your wedding photos are more than just a series of photographs. They’re an archive of your most important day, preserved forever …

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Difference Between Candid and Traditional Wedding Photography
Difference between candid and traditional wedding photography

Wedding photography has gained popularity and inquisitiveness in the recent past. When in the long past, it was just a day out of course and photography was just a part of it. The recent years have been a collective change where people are now considering photography as one of the most inevitable elements of the …

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Photographer
Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer is more than just finding the photographer who you connect with. It’s finding someone who will capture your special day in a way that captures your love and emotions but also shows how much people have come together to celebrate your union. Finding the right person to photograph your wedding …

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Plan Destination Wedding In Kerala | All You Need To Know
Destination Wedding in Kerala

With its beautiful beaches and scenic views, God’s own country is quickly becoming a popular new wedding destination. And why should it not? This god’s own country is a lovely mini-version of India that provides the most exotic backdrops for your wedding! The lush green grasslands and palm trees, spectacular hills, serene beaches, and mesmerising …

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10 Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding
Stage Decoration Ideas for Wedding

Weddings are all about delicious food, traditions, glamorous costumes, and beautiful decorations. Indian weddings today feature everything from symbolic centrepieces to beautiful stage decorations to funny photo booths. Wedding stage decoration is a big element of the decor, and properly so because that’s where the couple shoots the majority of their photos. Wedding stage decor …

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Why Is A Pre-Wedding Shoot Important?

Wedding photography has been a common concept for decades. As with the time, there have been modifications, changes and additions in the way the photo shoot is done. Imbibing the colour, joy, and festivity of the marriage celebrations, theme-based photography, destination wedding, etc have become the new normal. We are discussing the importance of a …

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