Tips for Saving Money on a Destination Wedding in Kerala

With over 10 million weddings taking place each year and the wedding card industry bringing in Rs.80-100 billion yearly, Indian weddings are a major business. Even if you plan a middle-class budget wedding in Kerala or elsewhere in India, it might cost a few thousand.  However, you can have a fantastic wedding while being economically savvy. Here are 15 top tips to plan a perfect budget-friendly Kerala wedding.

Planning the Finances for a Successful Wedding: 

You need to conduct assessments on your finances before you start planning for your wedding. You need money whenever it’s a party, wedding or just any other occasion. A good financial plan is required for a successful wedding. Create a budget based on all your possible sources of income like relatives, etc. Remember to factor in some extra costs that will occur after the wedding as if you’re contributing to the budget. To ensure a wonderful wedding without breaking the bank, spend your money sensibly and prevent excessive spending.

Choosing the Ideal Wedding Location: 

The most suitable wedding venue should therefore be near your home. As a result, you will spend less money on rental cars or buses. Make a location selection early in advance of your wedding day. Vendors, resorts, and function venues may charge you more during peak wedding season. So, plan ahead of time to choose your venue. If you’re on a tight budget, Kerala has a plethora of low-cost destination wedding possibilities.

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Choosing Kerala for Your Special Day: 

Kerala’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage make it a great destination for weddings. Opting for Kerala allows you to have a unique and enchanting wedding without the high costs of other popular destinations. Make the most of Kerala’s beautiful landscapes, like the backwaters, beaches, or hill stations, to create a magical setting for your special day.

Picking the Right Time: 

The timing of your wedding in Kerala can significantly impact costs. Avoid peak seasons like December and January, when prices are high due to increased tourist activity. Instead, consider the shoulder seasons, like September to November or February to March, for better rates on venues, accommodations, and vendors.

Managing Your Guest List and Invitations: 

To save on costs related to accommodation, catering, and other expenses, keep your guest list intimate. Invite close family and friends who will truly enjoy being part of your destination wedding in Kerala. Opt for digital invitations or wedding websites to cut down on printing and postage expenses while easily sharing all the necessary details with your guests.

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Finding a Budget-Friendly Venue in Kerala: 

Take the time to research and compare different venues in Kerala to find one that suits your budget. Explore resorts, heritage properties, or houseboats for a unique and cost-effective wedding experience. These venues often provide customizable packages that include accommodation, catering, and basic decor, helping you save both time and money.

Keep it Simple with Decorations: 

Highlight the natural beauty of Kerala in your wedding decor. Choose minimalistic yet elegant decorations that blend with the surroundings. Use local flowers like jasmine or marigold for an authentic and affordable touch. Add a personal flair to your decor with DIY elements, such as handmade centrepieces or eco-friendly decor, without stretching your budget.

Get Creative with Catering: 

Explore creative catering options that showcase the culinary delights of Kerala. Include local dishes and flavours in your wedding menu for a memorable dining experience that won’t break the bank. Buffet-style or family-style dining options are often more budget-friendly than plated meals, giving you a delicious and cost-effective catering solution.

Choose Off-Peak Seasons in Kerala: 

Selecting off-peak seasons for your wedding in Kerala can be a money-saver. During these times, there are fewer tourists, and the demand for wedding services decreases. This makes it easier to negotiate prices with vendors and take advantage of special offers for accommodations and travel.

Hunt for Travel and Accommodation Deals in Kerala: 

Keep an eye out for travel and accommodation deals tailored to Kerala. Airlines and hotels often offer discounted rates during specific periods. Watch for promotions and packages designed for destination weddings in Kerala. By booking in advance and comparing prices, you can find excellent deals that help you stick to your budget.

Simplify Photography and Videography: 

Capturing the special moments of your Kerala destination wedding is crucial, so hiring a professional wedding photographer and videographer is a must. Look for local photographers experienced in shooting weddings in Kerala. Discuss your budget and specific needs upfront to ensure you get high-quality photos and videos without going over your financial limits.

The Value of a Wedding Planner: 

Make your Kerala destination wedding smoother and stress-free with a wedding planner. A planner familiar with Kerala can help you handle logistics, suggest cost-saving measures, and coordinate with local vendors. Their expertise ensures your wedding day goes off without a hitch, allowing you to relax and enjoy the celebrations.

Shankhumugham is Kerala’s first tourism-owned destination wedding centre: 

Shankhumugham will host Kerala’s inaugural tourism department-owned destination wedding centre. The beachside spot witnessed its first wedding ceremony, as a couple exchanged vows in an open space, deviating from a traditional closed hall setting. The tourism department plans to extend this concept to all tourist destinations across the state.

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