How Do You Pick Your Wedding Photography Package?

Picking up the wedding photography package is equally important as deciding the venues and vendors. Couples also look forward to searching for a professional photography service with the best packages. Picking up the right wedding photography package is not an easy or quick decision. You will find different service providers offering different wedding photography packages.

At Greenhat Photography, we offer high-end professional wedding photography services with the best photography packages, meeting all budgets and needs. We also accept customization with extra add-ons and upgrades. 

Let’s check out the factors you need to know before choosing a wedding photography package to make an informed decision.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Suitable Wedding Photography Package

Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing a suitable wedding photography package: 

Stay Realistic While Exploring The Photography Packages

It is always recommended to explore different photography packages. Never settle for cheaper options to save money. Professional services usually charge based on quality, expertise, and experience. When you choose a discounted service option, you might be compromising on picture quality. 

So, before making a budget estimation, you need to check out the current in-demand quality packages for wedding photography. The packages will let you set realistic expectations and give you an idea of how much you need to invest. 

Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage

You need to choose a wedding photography package with hours of coverage you can afford. No one wishes to regret later that the wedding moments were not fully captured. It is better to go for a wedding photography package that offers ideal hours to capture every moment. It will include capturing pre-wedding ceremonies, candid moments, family moments, bridal portraits, gift exchanges, and much more.

Make sure the package you choose includes full coverage of the wedding and reception. Based on the package plans such as Silver, Gold, Diamond, Standard, and Platinum, the coverage of wedding moments will differ. However, make sure the package you go for includes covering the entire ceremony, ready candids, and the reception highlights.

Look For Customization Options 

Although the wedding photography service will offer you packages, some will still offer you options for customization. The packages can be modified to make them the best fit for you. The photographers will tailor-fit the packages to meet your needs. 

Moreover, check out options to add on and upgrade the package if you want more. We usually make the packages customizable for the clients, including all the components, to provide our best to the clients.

List Out The Photo Types You Need From Your Photographer

Everyone wishes to have their own photo types in their wedding album, which is unique and extraordinary. For example, group shots, special engagement shots with wedding shoots, specific nighttime shots, etc. You will have your Pinterest boards with photos you want for your wedding. Share the ideas with the photographer and discuss them. 

Based on the specific time of day you want to have your shoot, you need to choose the package accordingly. For a whole day shoot or consecutive days of shooting for different photo types, of course, you need to pay more. So, deciding what you want will make the choice easier. Try to be picky and have a good list. And do not forget to share it with the photographer. 

Second Shooter For Your Wedding Day

Do you want a second shooter? Make sure it is included in your wedding photography package. Check out if you need to pay extra for second-shooter coverage. The second shooter helps the photographer capture more moments in a short timeframe. It is a must-have when the bride and groom’s venues are different, and they need separate shoots before the meeting. This can be an add-on to your package. 

There is a great advantage to going for a second shooter. It will bring flexibility and efficiency to the timeline. When you have two photographers at once, it will let them adapt to changes without the necessity to go out of the window or limit retakes. Also, special moments of both bride and groom will be captured at different angles at once. So, make sure to go for packages that have second shooter options. 

Know About The Copyright Of Your Images

It is your responsibility to ask the wedding photographer about your photo’s copyright. Some may offer limited copyright releases. In this case, the service provider becomes the copyright owner. This means they can use your photographs to advertise on social media platforms, on their website, and for other purposes to boost their marketing. However, you will get permission to use your images as you wish, like albums, prints, and canvases. 

There are wedding photography services that will give the clients full copyrights. It means that you are the owner, and you have the right to decide how and where your images will be used. It is important to have complete rights to your wedding photos. Discuss the copyright with the team before picking up the package. 

Final Thoughts 

The above are the major factors to be taken into account when picking your wedding photography package. Do not miss any of them, as this will help you pick up the best package for you. At Greenhat Photography, we have different wedding photography package types to meet every couple’s dream of getting captured in the perfect way they wish. The packages are available in different price ranges. You can choose the one that fits your preferences and budget. You are also open to customizing the package for you. To know more about our package details, contact us or WhatsApp us at 9447991164