Top Wedding Photoshoot Poses for the Bride and Groom in Kerala

Wedding photoshoots have always craved novelty. Forcing the professional photographers to invent fresh themes and ideas to present a new look in the images. Blending creativity with professionalism, wedding photography attained a different level. Discussed here are the top wedding photoshoot poses for the bride and groom in Kerala. Go through the poses and identify the ones that will add glamour to your wedding photography and choose those. We also offer you support in guiding you concerning exceptional wedding photoshoot ideas and providing comprehensive coverage for your wedding photoshoot.

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1.     An Affectionate Glance

The couple standing side by side; the bride with her face turned towards the groom. Both of them look into each other’s eyes that are filled with love and care. A perfect backdrop that comprehends their dressing and style. A talented photographer can depict the image in such a way as if their world amalgamating into one.

2.     At Your Service

The groom kneeling in front of the bride, silently conveying that, “I am at your service today, and forever.” A smile on both their faces, indicating how closely knit their hearts are. How strong their bond is.

3.     A Caring Forehead Kiss

Reassure the oath of togetherness, to be there for her during every crisis, to protect her in this (still) patriarchal society; a forehead kiss is more than what your eyes could see.

4.     Wide Angle Photo

Capture a brilliant image in wide-angle. That will portray the vastness, wildness, and unpredictability of life in a creative manner. The groom may be in a proposal posture (kneeling) or any other suitable pose depending on the scenery. The photographer’s imagination can make the image a poetic one.

5.     Kiss behind a Veil

Kiss is the most evident form of love. The couple may be in a kissing posture, visible or invisible (hidden behind a veil) depending on the couple’s perception and the mood of the scene. The image should be balanced perfectly to make it appear as a reflection of pure love.b

Be aware of some safety tips if you are planning your wedding during the pandemic.

6.     Carrying Her

Carrying her is a beautiful pose that captures the cuteness of the couple, as well as, the strong bondage they share. It is also the indication of the promises they made to each other, to support one another throughout life.

7.     Back Hug

A cute and attractive pose, the back hug is one of the most popular wedding photoshoots poses. The way to visualize it in the most elegant and appealing mode will depend on the ability of the professional wedding photographer.

8.     Look into the Distance

The bride and groom may stand together and look into the distance. The camera may be placed at an ideal point behind them, to capture the image magnificently. The couple would indicate the silent contemplation of the future.

9.     Cute and Mischievous Poses

The couple’s cute and mischievous actions can be captured candidly to portray the beautiful moments effectively. This can be done instinctively or with the couple posing according to the directions of the photographer. Professional photographers, being experts in wedding photography, can try out different methodologies to get the image elegantly.

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10.   View From the Top

The photos taken from the top of the position above appear differently. The couple may be lying down or sitting or standing, looking up and smiling, laughing, or giving a pose. The perfectly captured photo will turn the look and feel into a mesmerizing one.

The Brief

The beauty of the photos will depend on the professional wedding photographers you choose. The imaginative agencies will be able to deliver you awesome results without spending a lot. More than exorbitant locales, the creativity of the professionals is what distinguishes one from others.

Explore the agencies providing custom-tailored wedding photoshoots and select the best one. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it stunning with splendid photoshoots.

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