Safety Tips to Conduct Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Indian weddings are ceremonies of grandeur with money spent lavishly. Every parent and every bridegroom would want to make the celebration eventful. That would reflect the social stature of the family.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been an impediment that halted such illustrious extravaganza at least for the time being.  

With governmental restrictions to limit the number of people attending the wedding, avoid grand celebrations and maintain social distancing; wedding ceremonies nowadays have become simplified. The couples are advised to observe safety precautions during the pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot as well. It is necessary to maintain a healthy condition to enjoy the wedding and post-wedding celebrations.

1.     Customize the Theme According to the Situation

A mass gathering, as before, may not be viable at this juncture. It will take at least a year or more for everything to return to normalcy. We may have to be careful even after 100% vaccination. The muted variants of Coronavirus can turn problematic for some more time. The theme for the pre-wedding photoshoot considering this condition. Choose a safe and smart photoshoot theme. Talented wedding photographers would have ideas for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can suggest the basic idea, which would be developed by the professionals. A joint effort from the stylists, photographers, and design artists will make the entire photoshoot exceptional.

2.    Local Locations, Creative Photo Sessions

Distant locations, which might have been your choice, may turn difficult presently. Although the lockdowns and travel restrictions can be revoked, it is preferable to avoid long travels. In fact, a creative wedding photographer can create magic in local locations. You don’t have to copy the celebrities or Instagram influencers to make the pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot mesmerizing. Make others follow you with simply stylish and imaginative wedding photography. You can discuss with your fiancé, consult with top pre-wedding photographers, also search in Google to reach upon a style you want to go for.

3.    Less Crew, Talented Photographer, More Professionalism

Ask the photographer to keep the crew limited. The fewer the number of people involved, the lower the chances of the pandemic spreading. Professional studios would have reduced the crew members’ viewing of the scenario itself. You can tell them to limit the number if that is not the case. The photographer should be talented enough to understand your requirements perfectly. The concept should reflect in the creation. You can ascertain their caliber in the initial meeting and choose the one who displays professionalism. They must meet the safety regulations laid down by the health department, predominantly facemask, sanitizers, and social distancing. It would be great if the photographer and the crew are vaccinated.

4.    Photoshoots at Home

You can try out photographic sessions at home if you have enough space. The photographers can do wonders with the natural elements around, adding simple handpicked elements. One or two visits by the photography crew would be enough to plan the photo shoot. You can give your inputs to the team, which would be incorporated with the concepts devised. Pre and post-wedding photoshoots can have a distinctive appeal by using natural properties and by capturing candid moments. It may also be planned in such a way that a pre-wedding photoshoot is conducted in the bride’s home and a post-wedding session at the groom’s or vice versa.

5.    Personal Styling Should Go Hand in Hand with the Photoshoot

Your personal styling should go hand in hand with the theme chosen for a photo shoot. Confirm that the photoshoot theme is not contradicting your personal styling. The aesthetic sense of both the photographer and makeup artist will matter in this case. For example, if you are dressing up in traditional attire with classic ornaments, the surroundings, and the atmosphere should be set accordingly. Get a 3D design crafted beforehand if possible. The virtual design would tell you how the theme would look. A professional photography studio will have all these facilities available with them. You only have to tell them your needs. The team will suggest you the best possible wedding photoshoot ideas, within your budget.

Our Observations

We have seen that people are reluctant in choosing local locations for wedding photoshoots. They misconstrue that a place near home cannot be classy. You must erase such misconceptions from your mind. It is the photographer’s imagination and conceptualization of the overall theme that makes a good photoshoot a great one.

Don’t choose the ordinary!

Yes, that’s what we suggest. If you want a safe photography session, with the best outcome. You will find several photo studios and professional photographers offering excellent save the date, pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots. Check their credibility and examine their legacy before hiring the photographers. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You must do everything to make those moments indelible from memory.