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Photography is an art. It is the perfect amalgamation of skill, imagination, and technology.  The professional photographer must be able to capture the objects in the best light, augmenting the appearance, appeal, and elegance. Advanced accessories are the constant companions of a professional photographer. His or her bag must have the items that prevent unwarranted impediments in the photography sessions.

Many photographers turn overconfident over a period. They may consider it silly to think of keeping additional equipment in their bag. Nevertheless, a simple mistake can impact their image. And may lead to a downturn in their career. It is therefore essential to keep all the necessary equipment and standby accessories in the bag. It may not be feasible to search for support from colleague photographers in case of requirement, whilst the marriage ceremony is progressing. 

1.     Media Cards of Enough Capacity

Pre-wedding, save the date and wedding photoshoots are long photography sessions normally. Indian weddings, especially in regions like Kerala, the marriage ceremony will be happening in quick successions. The shortage of space in the media card can cause trouble during photography. Make sure that a high-capacity media card is installed in the camera. Besides keeping a couple of the same as stand by. Avoid a situation of running around searching for a media/ memory card. 

2.     Battery Back-up

Long photography sessions, including a wedding photoshoot, can drain the battery quickly. Keep one or two charged batteries in the bag, for use in emergency conditions. A fast battery charging device also could be a part of the equipment. The device could be used for charging the battery at the interval period during the marriage function. Don’t forget to rotate the batteries that are being used.   

3.     Flash Gun

Flashgun is an unmissable item for an Indian wedding photoshoot. The marriage functions would be happening indoors. Therefore, the flash would be necessary for adding brightness to the photos.

4.     Back-up Equipment

This may not be a necessary thing. However, keeping backup equipment would make the photographer more professional. No one knows about the future. What if equipment packs up unexpectedly! The backup equipment would reinforce credibility and state professionalism. On the other hand, the lack of backup can cast shades on one’s career if the equipment fails unexpectedly. 


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5.     Lenses

Lenses of different apertures would be useful during photoshoots. Ascertain the requirements beforehand, and keep them in your bag. Needless to say, most professional wedding photographers keep additional lenses. 

How to Select the Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography has grown enormously with the introduction of new concepts and fresh thoughts. Choosing the right wedding photographer is crucial for capturing beautiful pictures that would remain eye-candy forever. Talent, creative imagination, technical perfection, and knowledge are important aspects that make a photographer expert in the field.

The following points may be considered before finalizing the professional wedding photographer:

  • Track Record – The previous photoshoots, the variety the photographer tried with each photo, and novelty in wedding poses could be assessed by checking the previous assignment of the agency. Avoid the studios, which are relying on trying run-of-the-mill concepts and worn-out themes.
  • Package – Opting for exorbitant packages may not be necessary. Select a reasonably priced photographer only. Unless the wedding photographer is a nationally or internationally acclaimed one.
  • Services – Check out what are the services offered and the total pricing for the same. It would be advisable to opt for a comprehensive package that includes pre-wedding, save the date, and wedding photoshoots.

There are several wedding photographers offering exceptional services. Most of them use advanced technology to render the best result. Select the right one, to make the wedding photography a memorable one.