A complete guide to wedding photographers after the pandemic

Wedding photographers during the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world. It has affected even the minutest aspect of our daily lives. We are being reminded repeatedly about monitoring ourselves for symptoms, the social distancing of at least 01 meters, washing hands often and usage of facemasks at public places. Further, governments across the globe have directed lockdown to reduce/ prevent the spread of the pandemic. 


As a result, all social gatherings and celebrations have been prohibited. The marriage industry is one of the most affected areas due to the lockdown. People are advised to keep attendance during marriage to a maximum of 50 persons.


The fear of COVID-19 will continue to dangle above our head unless a vaccine is invented. Wedding photographers need to tread cautiously even after withdrawal of lockdown and resumption of marriage celebrations. 


You may take adequate precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus until a vaccine arrives. If you are a wedding photographer, following the safety measures and using unique ideas to keep people safe during the photography sessions can get you more clients. 

What are the precautions that must be taken by wedding photographers after the corona season?


Although we are not aware of when all these issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic end, we can be hopeful that soon it will. You can keep yourself ready for full-fledged works, wedding events, and photoshoots after the season. The photoshoot and photographic sessions after the COVID-19 period will be different from the existing ones. You must organise the photoshoot to ensure that the bridegrooms can pose confidently for the photos.


Of course, the invention of a vaccine will put all these fears at bay. However, we could be cautious until then. Deliberated below are some of the precautionary measures you can implement to reduce the risk of contamination. Wedding photographers in Kerala and around the country are considering various methods for photography after the pandemic. Bridegrooms are contemplating new ideas to make their wedding photoshoot distinguish from others. Hence the wedding photographers must be able to balance the requirement of bridegrooms and scare of COVID-19 pandemic.  


Destination Wedding – Of late, destination wedding has been gaining popularity. Bridegrooms dream to tie the knot at a place they were dreaming for since long. You must check the place selected for the destination wedding. It calls for extra measures if the place is located close to the containment zone or Red zone.


Group Photography – Group photography including large groups may be avoided. Even if required, you may device novel ideas for group photography. For example, a candid photoshoot capturing the people could be tried. Or people could be arranged in a manner to both maintain social distancing and capture them all in one photo.


Maintaining Distance – Photographers are required to interact closely with the guests, bridegrooms, and relatives. You can try to keep a stipulated distance even while arranging them for a photo. Further, putting on disposable hand glove (if possible), facemask, and frequent cleaning of hands have to be practised.


Effective ways to take photos of couples during this pandemic situation

 You can strategize the photographic sessions to make it appealing, as well as, effective. There will be many relatives, neighbours, and friends crowding for photos. Your smartness only can save you during these times. They have to be pacified and controlled smartly. 


You may discuss with the bridegroom and their parents regarding the important people, who must be photographed. The selected lot could be directed to a particular place arranged in advance for the photos. Repeated guidance may not be acceptable to the elderly lot among relatives. They could be photographed as a single group if required. 


The bride and groom may be directed to some secluded place for a photoshoot. So that the relatives arrived at the wedding will not disturb the photo session. Beautiful places close to home may be identified for the pre-wedding, post-wedding, save-the-date photoshoots. With some imagination and creativity, you can give a different look to the familiar place. Also, it will help in reducing expenditure on wedding photography.


The Bottom Line

We have been through more severe situations than this. The human race is renowned for making a powerful comeback every time. This, COVID-19 pandemic too shall pass and we will bounce back with amplified vigour. 


The thing we can do now is to support the government in fighting the pandemic. Follow the guidelines promulgated by government agencies and health organisations honestly. Even a minor slip-up from your side can affect the Coronavirus prevention activities severely. 


Wedding photography has been flourishing in the past. It will again grow with the commencement of wedding events in the near future. The well-qualified professional wedding photographers can add colour to the marriage functions. The moments captured beautifully will make the marriage and functions memorable forever.