How to choose the right wedding photographer in Kerala?

The trend of candid and out of the box wedding photography is all the rage these days with couples asking for dreamy to experimental wedding albums. While everybody wishes to have a stunning wedding portfolio that they can look at after years and still smile, the success of the entire project depends on the skills and expertise of the wedding photographer chosen by you.

So, everything ultimately boils down to one thing – choosing the right wedding photographer.

However, doing this is as hard as picking the pea pods with the maximum number of seeds from a heap; right?

After all, there is no way to gauge the talent or expertise of a photographer from a few stills that they have shared in their portfolio, and in many cases, this portfolio doesn’t even exist.

So, we are sharing some of the best tips to choose the right wedding photographer in Kerala. When it comes to destination weddings and destination wedding photography, Kerala takes a leading position with its fine beaches and scenic splendour.

Take a thorough read of the following post and find out how to choose the right photographer for a stunning wedding album.

Learn some Tips to choose the right wedding photographer

1.      Do some research

These days, most wedding photographers share their portfolios online on social media platforms and on their official websites. Browse them for their photos and previous horks. Check if their work rings a chord with your preferences or not. Further, you will find the previous customers’ mentions and you can contact them to see whether they were satisfied by the work of the photographer or not.

This way you can also find out whether the photographer has evolved in his work or shows the signs of different types of work etc.

2.      Shortlist a few photographers

The next step is to talk to a few photographers that appeal to your taste and have a detailed discussion with them. We recommend shortlisting at least 3 to 4 wedding photographers and discussing your wedding portfolio with them. Discuss your requirements and taste preferences at length and also ask for their inputs. Once you discuss, you will be able to assess which photographer suits your preferences in the best manner.

3.      Decide the budget

While you might want to splurge on your wedding portfolio, the amount that you can spend on it is limited, for there are many other expenses that you need to cover. So, decide on a budget right from the start. Once you complete the first discussions with the photographers and shortlist a few of them, you can ask about pricing. Be open for negotiations and find out which photographer has the closest pricing offer to your budget. If you feel that the photographer is the best one on the list (in your budget) you can easily choose him. On the other hand, if you feel that some other photographer is better, you can choose him or her as per your budget constraints.

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4.      Get a demo or paid sample shots

If you live in Kerala, it is extremely easy for you to get a demo photo session or a few sample shots done at some good location. You can simply get a few candid shots clicked and then compare the work of different photographers to finalize one of them. The sample shots will also give you a rehearsal of the way things are going to evolve for the final wedding photo albums. You can get comfortable while being clicked and you will also get to know whether the theme you have chosen for the portfolio is going to produce good results or not.

5.      Discuss the types of photos you wish to get clicked right from the start

While the times are changing and Indian parents are becoming more and more accommodating towards the experimental tastes of modern couples, there are many households with traditional values as well. So, you must discuss the types of photos you wish to get clicked on and the functions you are going to hold at your wedding. If you value the rituals and traditions deeply, it is important to convey the same to your photographer and get every ritual covered beautifully.

Also, it is important to convey the different things the photographer should keep in mind, such as the basic etiquette, types of costumes, poses, and shoot locations etc.

6.      Involve everyone and don’t forget to enjoy

Many people become conscious while getting clicked and this affects the capturing of real emotions in the photos. If you are one of them, it is important to do a few rehearsal shots and make the most of your experience by involving everyone you love in the wedding album shooting. This is because when you involve the other people from your family and friends’ circle, you tend to loosen the tension on your mind and get calmed down.

Discuss with your photographer about your comfort level and instead of making the entire thing a project, make it as enjoyable and wonderful as you can.

Well, these are some tips that you must keep in mind while choosing a wedding photographer. We hope that all our readers find this discussion helpful, and they choose the best photographers for their weddings.

Before we conclude, we wish to remind you one thing – we agree that every couple wishes to make their wedding albums the best in the world, but comparisons and criticisms don’t take you anywhere. Giving your inputs is amazing, but you must value the ideas and experience of the photographers as well.

Rest, if you wish to seek more specific guidance, please leave your comments in the section below.

Thanks for reading!