Ultimate Checklist for Wedding Photography

October 27, 2021

Wedding photography has become more professional than ever. Wedding day is the big day for the bridegroom and their family. Any slip up from the photographer can lead to harsh consequences. Perhaps, it turns out the wedding photographer’s responsibility is to prepare the plan of action.

Indian weddings consist of several customary activities and ceremonies.  The experience of the professional photographer team would matter very much. In planning the photographic sessions and briefing the couple in advance. Ambiguities are a normal thing with several functions lined up and many family relatives giving different orders to the bridegroom. The photographer must be capable of handling the busy moments and managing to create a mesmerizing wedding album that would reflect the beauty of the marriage ceremony.

Professional wedding photographers must prepare themselves beforehand to capture the events as beautiful as anything. She/he may make a checklist for wedding photography to avoid any errors on the final day.

Visit and Prepare

Visit the auditorium, wedding hall, temple, or church where the wedding is planned. Having first-hand experience would offer better wedding photography ideas. Identify the picturesque surroundings and plan pre-wedding photoshoots in those as well. The accessories including lenses and lights can be chosen based on the location of the event.

The availability of light, the ideal couple wedding poses for the wedding photography, etc will be clear from the visit. The visit may not be required if the photographer is a professional with immense experience. Arriving at the location at least thirty minutes before the commencement of the ceremony would give ample time for preparation in that case. Nonetheless, we believe that the inspection of the wedding location a day before the marriage will help in flawless preparation.    

Timing and Schedule

Each ceremony during the marriage function would be scheduled in a specific time frame. Along with the couple, the photographer must have a proper idea about what customary activity is scheduled at what time. Not only it will help the wedding photographer to keep the accessories and equipment ready according to the event, but also help in planning other photo sessions during the interim period.

It is better to be ready 20 to 30 minutes in advance. Last-minute hurry burry would affect the quality of the photoshoot session. Eventually impacting the identity of the wedding photographer or the firm.

Professionalism and Attitude

Word-of-mouth publicity is the strongest marketing tool. It would boost the firm’s growth without any financial expenses or exhaustive marketing campaigns. The positive attitude and professionalism displayed by the wedding photographer would be instrumental in creating the image. She/he is witnessing one of the most auspicious ceremonies, the tryst of two beautiful minds, the photographer should understand this very thing and behave.

Marriage photography is a stressful task with several ceremonies happening one after another. Creating a heavy workload on the photographer. However, the load should not be evident to the onlookers. The photographer must make it a practice to keep a smiling, pleasant, face throughout. He or she should not allow personal issues or physical strain to seep into the face.

Furthermore, professionalism must be visible in every action from the wedding photographer. Usage of lenses, interaction with the couple and their relatives, directing the assistants, guiding the lighting team etcetera should be in a gentle manner. The thing is that the bridegroom also may turn tired due to the lengthy ceremonies. It is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to cheer them up as well, in that case. Their mood would influence the beauty of the images.

Communication and Interaction

Clear and concise communication is the key to preventing confusion. Never avoid tension to start ruling your emotions. Otherwise, it can spoil the wedding photoshoot. We include it in the checklist for wedding photography, because the photographer must make deliberate efforts. To keep control during busy wedding photoshoots many times.   

Interact with the bridegrooms, their parents, friends, and close relatives and create a rapport with them. It will help you with pleasant wedding photography. With them getting the arrangements done for the photography, reducing efforts from your side.

Equipment and Accessories

Don’t forget to carry extra batteries, lenses, and other required accessories as a backup. We never know what will go wrong at the last moment. The wedding function will happen only once. And if you fail to capture that in that specific moment, it is lost. Never allow such a thing to happen. Any such mistake can lead to a blemished image for the wedding photographer and the wedding photography studio.

Negative news travels fast. People will spread it faster than wildfire and it can lead to the downturn of the firm. Check the items before you start at the wedding location.

The Conclusion

The behaviour and imaginative concepts of the wedding photographer are equally important as the result. For that matter, the relatives, friends, and colleagues of the bridegroom would be seeing how the photographer is behaving. An unpleasant interaction will destroy the growth probabilities of not only the photographer but also of the wedding photography firm.

We have been fortunate to serve numerous clients with excellent wedding photoshoots that redefined beauty. Our novel ideal and excellent output have been the pivotal factors that led to the growth of our firm.To book our wedding photographer to capture the marriage ceremony beautifully, contact us now.  

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