How to Plan your Virtual Wedding?

Covid 19 pandemic has drastically alerted many parts of our lives. Even our traditions and beliefs have changed in many ways. Wedding traditions all over the world have experienced the impact of the pandemic in profound ways. In the Indian community, the concept of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ has moved aside for ‘Weddings from Home’. With the Covid scare still plaguing us, the trend of ‘virtual weddings’ is here to stay. Virtual weddings are great in so many ways and are a perfect fit for millennial couples who love to think out of the box. If you are loving the prospects of a virtual wedding, let’s help you with some pointers for your wedding plan.

Below given are some of the important points that will let give you some best insights regarding how to plan your virtual wedding well.

Talk with your partner

Virtual weddings are best in so ways but differ in a lot of ways from a traditional wedding setup. If the idea of a virtual wedding excites you, before jumping into the wedding plan wagon make sure your partner is 100 percent on board. Take time to weigh in all the pros and cons of doing a virtual wedding and be willing to consider suggestions and ideas from your partner. Have open and constructive conversations regarding how to plan your virtual wedding with your partner. Be on the same page regarding wedding planning so that you can avoid any conflicts later.

Get Families On Board

Since Indian marriages tend to also include families to a large extent, taking the approval from the parents of both you and your partner would be essential. It is always best to talk about the type of wedding that the parents prefer. Try to understand their wedding concept and also share your concepts with them. Make the parents understand the concept of virtual weddings and get them to embrace them. Provide them with good examples of virtual weddings and make them understand the positives of a virtual wedding.

Choose the best live streaming platform

Once all of you are on board, one of the most important matters to think about is the choice of the live streaming platform. There are many live streaming platforms available like Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Google Hangouts, etc. Among these Zoom is seen as one of the popular video conferencing platforms for virtual weddings at the moment. Planning your wedding on Zoom allows you not only broadcast your wedding live but also set up screen(s) for you to see your wedding guests and interact with them too. Make sure to also choose a platform that is suitable to use for your important family members, friends, and guests.

Seek the help of professionals

Once most of the basic ideas regarding the wedding are planned out by you and your partner and also your families, take a look at companies and online portals websites that facilitate virtual weddings. Many companies in India can provide you with the best services and suggestions regarding how to plan your virtual wedding well. They can assist you with the best deals, packages, vendor options related to every aspect of your virtual wedding plan and also provide you with the best information regarding how to plan your virtual wedding in the best way possible.

Create the best E-Invites

One of the important parts about any wedding is inviting your close ones to the wedding. Just because your wedding is virtual, that doesn’t you should skimp on your wedding invites. There are numerous creative ways in which you can share your wedding invitations with your close ones. Make time to get in touch with your friends and family members and share your e-invites. As it will be the first official form of communication, make them feel special and welcomed. Let them know via the invite, the event particulars, and also what all they should keep in mind.

Make your home worthy of a wedding

Makeover your home and yard so it looks ready for your big day. It’s not possible to make your home space look like the grand ballroom of a hotel or the rooftop of a trendy loft but you still could make the space look nice and pleasant. Bring in some ideas from your creative friends, browse through Pinterest for your ideas, and more.

Follow Social Distancing Norms

Though your wedding is virtual, there would still be some people around you. There would also be some people who would want to be there for your special moment too. Always keep your mind and enthusiasm in check and be responsible. Don’t risk your family’s and your health for any sentiments.

Check the best advice and suggestions on how to plan your virtual wedding today and make your wedding the most memorable one! Hire the best wedding photographers to shoot and record your virtual wedding.

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