Exotic Hill Stations Near Kerala For Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Nowadays, couples are becoming more and more interested in pre- and post-wedding photo shoots. The most exciting and wonderful aspect of the wedding is the pre-wedding shoot, since it provides a cosy setting for the couple to spend time together before the wedding. A picture shoot runs smoothly when the location is equally ideal; the backdrop is just as important as the subjects. It provides the extra effects that give the picture personality and help tell a tale. And where better to look for a suitable setting for your pre- and post-wedding picture shoots than Kerala? The unique settings and diverse landscapes of Kerala provide the ideal backdrop for wedding photos. 

The following hill stations in Kerala include a variety of stunning backdrops and waterfalls that might make your pre-wedding shoot unique. 

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Munnar has all the comforts needed for pre- and post-wedding photography shoots. Munnar, which is tucked away in the Western Ghats, is stunningly gorgeous. It is peaceful and dreamy for the ideal photo shoot, with the green mountain slopes, the mist appearing out of nowhere, the undulating tea plantations, the brooks, and waterfalls. A photo shoot here will guarantee elegant pictures mirroring those in upscale publications. There are several peaceful locations where the couple can be photographed before their wedding without spectators observing them. There are several thrilling locations close to Munnar, like Top Station, where the well-known Neelakurinji blooms just once every 12 years, Marayoor, noted for its profusion of sandalwood, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Eravikulam National Park, which provide excellent views of the South India’s rich wildlife.


If you are in Trivandrum and looking for a hill station near you for your pre wedding photoshoot in Trivandrum, then Ponmudi Hills is the best option for you. The vistas and surroundings at Ponmudi, a little hill station a few miles from the state capital, are breathtaking. The ideal setting for a pre-wedding photo session includes hiking trails, waterfalls, rocky streams, wildflowers, and bamboo groves. One of Kerala’s best hill towns, Ponmudi, is a wonderful spot to enjoy nature at its finest. Within a short drive of Thiruvananthapuram, it is one of the few hill stations in Northern Kerala. Ponmudi has wonderful prospects for trekking in addition to a stunning variety of mountain flowers, rare butterflies, and little rivulets. Ponmudi is a rapidly expanding hill station with its tea estates and mist-covered slopes. Ponmudi, also known as Golden Peak, is surrounded by picturesque hills, spice and tea gardens, natural springs, and meandering streams, providing a stunning backdrop for pre-wedding photoshoots. Ponmudi is home to a number of popular attractions, including the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point, and other hiking locations. Valleys covered in mist, particularly Golden Valley along the Kallar River, attract couples for pre-wedding photography.


Paddy fields, breathtaking panoramic vistas, exotic resorts, and more can be found in Wayanad. The environment is equally lovely and aids in the couple’s comfort throughout the photoshoot. The photographs have a raw appeal that is magical and seductive because they represent a natural setting. Wayanad offers a view of undulating hills and dales covered in mist as well as accommodations at the Deccan Plateau’s southernmost summit, which is traversed by the Western Ghats. The serene hill station of Wayanad, which is still today unaltered by modernity and is therefore regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala, is surrounded by nature, with lush and tropical forests, swaying slopes over which a number of smooth flowing rivers run, and a climate that promises to charm. On the east, it is bounded by the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu districts of Mysore and the Nilgiris, respectively. On the north, it borders the Karnataka district of Coorg, on the south, Malappuram, and on the west, Calicut and Cannanore districts.


Athirappilly should be at the top of your list of Kerala hill stations for photoshoots if you appreciate beautiful scenery, lush green surroundings, waterfalls, and wildlife. Athirappilly, in the Thrissur District to the east of Chalakudy, is situated on the edge of the Sholayar woods of the Western Ghats, Kerala’s rain forests. Athirappilly is most well-known for its 42-metre high waterfalls. Photographers can take some breathtaking landscape pictures while exploring Kerala’s most picturesque district. One of the Vazhachal Forest Division’s five territorial ranges, along with Charpa, Vazhachal, Kollathirumedu, and Sholayar, is Athirappilly Forests. Athirappilly’s forestland is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots since it is home to numerous threatened and endangered plant and animal species.


Mattupetty, a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors, is well-known for its glistening lake and Rolling Meadows. Near the lovely town of Munnar, Mattupetty is also known for its expansive tea gardens and never-ending natural beauty. Along with exploring the expansive panoramas of lush scenery, you can also add boating on Mattupetty Lake and hiking to neighboring locations to your photoshoot.

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Thekkady is the next location you ought to visit if you enjoy including images of wildlife in your pre-wedding photo session. It is, in fact, a place where anyone can go to appreciate animals in beautiful, green settings. Here you may find extinct animals like deer, bison, boars, great Indian tigers, and many more. This location is ideal for wildlife photographers. It is among Kerala’s top locations for photography.


The state of Kerala is known for its distinctive shades of green. From the vast woods to the scattered tea, coffee, and spice farms, each type of green is unique and alluring in its own way. Peerumedu is one such location with a distinctive shade of green. You have a wonderful chance to see how these ancient tribes lived in Kerala, which is home to a population of ancient tribal people. Among the best sites to visit in and around Peerumedu are Kuttikkanam, Thrissanku Hills, Peeru Hills, Grampi, and Pattumala.

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Even though there are innumerable sites, the aforementioned hill stations in Kerala are some of the best for pre-wedding picture shoots. Your pre-wedding shoot in Kerala at these breathtaking locations will undoubtedly be unique, and you’ll create some unforgettable memories. 
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