Difference Between Candid and Traditional Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has gained popularity and inquisitiveness in the recent past. When in the long past, it was just a day out of course and photography was just a part of it. The recent years have been a collective change where people are now considering photography as one of the most inevitable elements of the wedding day. With the increased importance of photography, the clients are now wanting to bring more inclusivity to the emotions and colours of that particular, which has given rise to a new photography trend which captures unplanned moments and is called candid photography.

The blog tries to find the difference between candid and traditional wedding photography, let us take a look into it:

Candid photography is a photography technique which captures moments that aren’t predefined. Most of the time the person who is being photographed doesn’t realise that the photographer is catching up on that precious moment. Traditional photography is way more formal and precise than candid photography. Traditional photography captures photographs as per the directions of the photographer, and to get the right click.


The focus of traditional photography is to get the maximum coverage of the event. Traditional photography makes sure that the entire event is covered and the ceremony is captured in all its essence. Giving constant direction to the couple and their family members is a common and relevant thing when it comes to traditional photography. Traditional photography keeps in the tabs of clicking photos of the people who have attended the function through group photos with couples which forms a large part of the entire process. They intend to put forward an encompassed idea of the whole wedding ceremonies and process.

Candid photography, on the other hand, is more focused on the capturing of emotions. Candid photographers click various snaps of a particular moment to get in the exact vibe and colour of that particular moment of the couple and their family members. Weddings these days are more focused on getting in the right venue, makeup, decor and outfits.

It is necessary to be inclusive of the attributes and capture them with all the highlights. They account to get the exquisite shots of the background of the venue, giving adequate attention to the decor and even the bride and groom’s getting ready shots.


The traditional wedding photographer is trained to be rigorous and click through the entire event. They need to be present and vigilant during the entire process and capture all important points of the entire ceremony. Candid photographers are trained and have to be someone who has an eye for detail and creativity. They should know how and when to click on the right moment and make the most out of it. Indian weddings are quite different from other weddings all over the world and have got a better scope for the candid photographer to express their skills. With a series of events that is the part of Indian weddings, the candid photographer uses multiple lenses to capture different lighting on different events altogether.

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The quality of equipment when it comes to candid photography, and traditional photography is evidently different. As candid photography is determined to be cutting-edge photography which will bring out the sharpness and fierceness of the photograph and traditional cameras are meant to cover the whole event. Wedding photography companies invest vastly in candid photography equipment so that they can give their clients the best pictures to remember their most precious moments.


The editing process when it comes to traditional photographs is very limited. They do not go much into the photographs for the editing process. Whereas, a candid photographer invests more time into the editing process to get a picture-perfect outcome. Good composition and hands-on colour grading are what make the best candid photography. A good wedding photography company invests in adobe lightroom applications and other editing applications to make the best out of the candid photos that are clicked.

The choice between traditional and candid photography is quite a tough decision to make. According to the theme and the number of people attending the wedding, the choice of wedding photography can be decided to an extent. If it is an intimate wedding, you can always choose candid photography as there are fewer people and all will be quite closer to the couple, which helps in capturing the emotions better. Traditional photography is more adapted to weddings with larger crowds. Candid photography is preferred by most couples as they can feel more at ease with candid photographers.

But most weddings these days suggest having both traditional, and candid wedding photographers to be present in their wedding. It is because both these types of photography capture different elements of the wedding and make it a complete package at the end. So these were some of the main difference between candid and traditional wedding photography.