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Muslim Wedding Traditions: Moments You Should Not Miss in the Photography
muslim wedding

Islam is the fastest-growing religion across the globe. Muslim wedding traditions are predominantly common at every location. Yet, there could be additions, deletions, and modifications with the amalgamation of local culture and customs. Understanding Muslim wedding tradition is vital before a wedding photography assignment. Here we are elaborating on the Muslim marriage ceremony and commonly …

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How to choose the right wedding photographer in Kerala?
Greenhat photography

The trend of candid and out of the box wedding photography is all the rage these days with couples asking for dreamy to experimental wedding albums. While everybody wishes to have a stunning wedding portfolio that they can look at after years and still smile, the success of the entire project depends on the skills …

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What’s in Top wedding photographers’ bag | Greenhat Photography’s Wedding Gears

Photography is an art. It is the perfect amalgamation of skill, imagination, and technology.  The professional photographer must be able to capture the objects in the best light, augmenting the appearance, appeal, and elegance. Advanced accessories are the constant companions of a professional photographer. His or her bag must have the items that prevent unwarranted …

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Top Wedding Photoshoot Poses for the Bride and Groom in Kerala
wedding couples poses

Wedding photoshoots have always craved novelty. Forcing the professional photographers to invent fresh themes and ideas to present a new look in the images. Blending creativity with professionalism, wedding photography attained a different level. Discussed here are the top wedding photoshoot poses for the bride and groom in Kerala. Go through the poses and identify …

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How To Shoot a Perfect Hindu Wedding Ceremony?
perfect hindu wedding shoot

Hindu weddings are a power-packed bundle of various rituals and ceremonies that span over a few days before finally culminating into the marriage day. What makes them even more interesting is the fact that they vary from one region to another and there are endless variations in terms of rituals, code-of-conduct for everyone present and …

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Surprising Beach Wedding Ideas for Couples: Make Your Big Day Unforgettable
beach wedding ideas - greenhat photography

So, you are planning to get hitched for life under the coastal sun, on a delightful sunny beach lined with palms reaching up in the blue skies and swaying in the breeze? Well, first of all, congratulations and hope your day is as amazing and fantastic as you imagined it to be! Now, let us …

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Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas for Pre & Post wedding Photoshoot in Kerala

The wedding bells ring inside the heart of the bride and groom well before the real function. They will be brainstorming novel photography ideas and checking out lavish locations in kerala for their pre-wedding photoshoots.   But, you don’t have to search for outlandish locales to bring out the best photos. Your own courtyard or …

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How To Create Beautiful and Modern Wedding Albums?
creative wedding albums greenhat

All of us want to have a stunning wedding album that gives you fresh feels even after years. After all, we get married only once and it is important to record all those fun, loving and emotional moments in the best way possible. However, recently people are experimenting a lot of wedding photography trends in …

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Cool and Fun Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Steady, smile, and click had been the photography of yesteryears. Technological advancements and changes in people’s psyches have shifted wedding photography into unexpected terrains. Couples nowadays try-out different, at times wild, poses and opt to explore unheard-of locations. Of course, the adventurous attempts have also raised eyebrows. As those surpassed the moral bounds stated by …

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10 Simple Tips for Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Photography is an art. The images you capture shine bright when creativity merges with imagination and observation. Wedding photography has changed with the passage of time. Photographers are searching for novel concepts to make their images stand out among the crowd. We are the frontrunners in bringing upon a change in best wedding photography in …

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