February 24, 2022

Weddings don’t have to be extravagant or flashy to be memorable. Many couples nowadays prefer to keep their weddings modest and intimate, inviting just their closest relatives and friends to attend. Intimate weddings, with 75 or fewer attendees, allow for a more personal celebration for all. Here are some benefits of having an intimate wedding:

More quality time

The primary concept of an intimate wedding is to spend this special day with a small group of individuals who are really important in your life. On your wedding day, you want your constants to be the friends and family you can rely on blindly and adore forever. When you have a small wedding ceremony, you may spend more time with each of your guests.
You are acquainted with them and there are no unpleasant situations. It’s like having a large family. Instead of simply shaking hands for a few minutes on stage while getting gifts and smiling at the camera or hugging them for a few seconds before they depart, you get to develop nice memories with your loved ones whom you can attend to individually and without formalities.

Involve your guests

One of the most appealing benefits of having an intimate wedding is that it allows you to include your guests in the ceremony. As you say your vows, have each of them read a phrase from a prayer or form a circle around you. Make them a part of the wedding procession or have them “warm the rings” in a rite that involves passing the rings from guest to guest before the bride and groom exchange them. Giving your guests a role can help make the celebration more memorable and important for everyone especially when those in attendance are your closest friends and family.

A budget-wedding

A well-planned wedding costs far more than a smaller, intimate wedding for 50 people. The wedding may fit in no less than a big-budget plan with the huge guest list that needs invites and locating a luxury venue that can accommodate your guests for whom you have prepared a 7-course feast to enjoy. However, with an intimate wedding, the costs might be drastically lowered.

Your dream vendors

When it comes to your wedding budget, the number of guests you invite is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, it influences the cost of flowers, rentals, food, and beverages, as well as, in some circumstances, the venue itself. Due to the nature of larger scaled weddings having a greater capacity for setup, service, and takedown, it also has a direct impact on the labour line item for your vendors.
All of this means that if you save money in all of these areas, you could be able to buy the dreamy intimate wedding photographers you never imagined you could afford. Of course, this holds true for any type of vendor, including wedding planners, florists, designers, caterers, musicians, and so on.


Wedding guests enjoy being held, and when you’re planning an experience for 50-70 people rather than 300, it’s far easier to create unique and individualised touchpoints that they’ll remember.
Personalization also refers to the numerous ways you can customize the day’s design components to fit your story, culture, and style. Perhaps it is really imaginative place cards, floral types symbolising the nations you’re from, where you met and got engaged, or luxurious welcome presents that give your guests a glimpse into your life and the venue.

Less stress

Once you’ve created a teeny-tiny guest list, you can take a deep breath. The most stressful element of arranging a small wedding, trust us, will be getting over the “who’s in?” hitch.
The stakes of a smaller wedding are much lower, and lesser decisions imply less stress. Do you need to amend a contract or add a vendor? It’s easier to re-calibrate decisions when you’re working with a smaller number of guests. Consider this: you can easily shift course with three table configurations or 30 invitations than you can with ten times that number.

You have the freedom to pick a unique venue

You have the flexibility of choosing a venue unique to your interests with smaller, more intimate guest lists. Perhaps you’ll pick your favourite restaurant or a lovely old library — as the guest list reduces, your options expand!

You can relish your day wholly and completely

Your big day would be over in a flash. Part of the reason for this is that the calendar is jam-packed with festivities that span the entire calendar year. With the schedule so jam-packed, it’s easy to understand how the day might fly by in a blur of intimate wedding photography. You can slow things down by adhering to only the traditions that are meaningful to you.

An eco-friendly wedding

When you have a modest guest list, you will produce substantially less garbage. You’ll use less, waste less food, and save on invitation paper!
An intimate wedding isn’t for everyone. But maybe, after reading this post, you’ve gained a fresh perspective on some of the fantastic benefits of having an intimate wedding. The most important thing to keep in mind when arranging a wedding is to remember why you’re having one. In the end, it’s about the two of you and what seems right.
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