Greenhat Photography

We are Travancore based photographers passionate about documenting beautiful images of people that represent the people and things they love, authentic and share-worthy moments, and the dreams they chase!

We rejoice our existence everyday with delectable shades of colour, vibrant hues of festivity, bonding and glamour that spell the eternal romance of life. We do it with a difference-we capture these hues in pixels that transform them into real shades life.


We approach wedding photography works with the mindset of a story-teller.You can call it photojournalism if you like. We strive to capture all of the feeling moments of the day from start to finish. The small details,the quiet moments, the big moments, all of it. We also love to setup beautiful shots of the couple throughout the day to create stunning wedding portraits. Our goal as a wedding photographer is to deliver our clients a set of images that truly have them reliving their wedding day. We want our clients to look at their images and feel that all of the planning,stress and money spent was worth it.


When photographing a portrait of a family or a person,our goal is always to show personality and to capture that person or group of people in the best possible manner. This includes close attention to lighting, posing, background setting and all small details in the shot.

Events and Commercial Work

Event photography is something we really enjoy. We have shot company parties,conferences,award ceremonies,birthday functions, maternity shoots and anniversary parties. Our passion for storytelling come into play here.

Commercial photography is also a genre that we have experienced in. The work we have created has been used for websites,marketing materials and more.Our wide range of equipment allows us to be mobile and set up a makeshift studio anywhere.

A little more information….

There are a million photographers out there.You have a lot of choices….. Endless choices…Find a photographer who’s work you really connect with. You need to love how they compose, how they light, how they edit and you should enjoy the experience.

If you look up the meaning of the word photography ,it is defined as the process of creating images through chemical action of light.Without light you ca.n’t make a photograph. Without good light you can’t get flattering images and colour! We have invested a lot into the cameras, lenses and lighting gears we use to make sure that we give our clients amazing results.We also see things with an artistic eye and edit images in an artistic way.Final images are perfected for the best possible colour, contrast and sharpness.We don’t outsource our editing,so you are getting our artistry from start to finish.

TC 15/262(1), Althara Jn., Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695010
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